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Prostate cancer prognosis and survival rates can help give patients an idea of their chances of surviving the disease based on the stage and time of diagnosis.Mar 11, 2016 . Survival rates of prostate cancer are based on outcomes of people who've had the disease. Find the survival rates for prostate cancer here.Sep 27, 2016 . Bone metastases have a profound effect on prostate cancer.. Having bone metastases will change your treatment options, prognosis, and . For the more than 90% of men whose prostate cancer is localized to the prostate or just nearby, the prognosis is even better. Almost 100% of these men will live . Jan 26, 2017 . General Information About Prostate Cancer. . system, which provides a useful, albeit crude, adjunct to tumor staging in determining prognosis.Jul 7, 2016 . Stage I Prostate Cancer; Stage II Prostate Cancer; Stage III Prostate. Certain factors affect prognosis (chance of recovery) and treatment . Nov 22, 2016 . Prostate cancer often has no signs or symptoms. and risk factors, screening, testing, diagnosis, stages, treatment, prognosis, and prevention.Most cases of prostate cancer develop in older men. In many cases the cancer is slow-growing, does not reduce life expectancy, and may not need treatment. .J Urol. 2004 Dec;172(6 Pt 1):2252-5. Prognosis of patients with lymph node positive prostate cancer following radical prostatectomy: long-term results.

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